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Best Android Poker Apps | Play and Win Real Money

Best Android Poker Apps 2020

Android is the most popular operating system for mobile devices in the world so it’s safe to say there are a ton of great Android poker options.

Best Android Poker Sites

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It doesn’t matter if you use a Samsung, HTC, LG or Nexus as most Android phones or tablets will run the exact same poker software.

Android Table 1

Android poker apps 传奇sfhave even been optimized for the mobile environment with intuitive lobbies, streamlined tables and easy-to-tap check, raise and fold buttons.

You’ll find all the Texas No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha you could ever want on most Android poker clients. A few of the best Android poker apps even offer some of the more obscure games like Seven-Card Stud or Razz.

Android poker players also have access to a full range of poker formats such as multi-table tournaments, cash games, Sit & Go’s and Fast Fold Poker.

The editors at PokerListings have played pretty much all of them and created a comprehensive guide to the best Android poker apps. Below is a look at the top Android poker real money apps available from the biggest poker operators. Also check out our list of the best IPhone poker sites.


Are Android Apps for Poker Any Good?

There are some fantastic options for playing poker on Android devices. It took awhile for all the operators to get on board but these days most of the major poker sites offer Android-compatible versions of their full desktop software.

The software has been streamlined to take advantage of the smaller screen real estate for phones and tablets but online poker actually translates very well to mobile. If you’re just getting into online poker you may find that you even prefer the mobile version because it’s a lot less complicated than some of the full desktop clients.

Perhaps the only downside of playing real-money Android poker is that it’s very challenging to play at more than one table successfully. Some of the Android poker apps do a good job of letting you play two tables but anything beyond that is pretty much impossible.

Can I Win Real Money on Android Poker Apps?

Google Nexus 6

Yes you can. Pretty much all of the major online poker apps offer play-money (free) Android poker. So if you just want to get your feet wet we recommend downloading the Android app (which is always free) and just splashing around in the play-money area.

Of course play money isn’t the best way to learn how to play “real” poker and you’ll get better much faster if you at least try micro stakes such as $.01/$02.

Even if you never want to play real-money poker we’d still recommend sticking to sites that do offer real-money play because their software is far superior.

传奇sfReal-money poker apps also aren’t trying to spam you endlessly like the many free-to-play apps that are much more like video games than anything else. Leanr more here:

Can I Win Real Money Without Risking Anything?

Surprisingly, yes. All online poker sites run free tournaments, also known as freerolls, where you don’t have to pay anything to play.

The prize pools are usually quite small but it’s a chance to win something for nothing and you can certainly do it while on your Android device. You can also take advantage of free play cash games and more. See our full page on free online poker here:

Can I Get an Android Poker Sign Up Bonus?

Online poker bonuses, such as a 100% deposit match that’s slowly unlocked through the number of hands you play, have been in online poker since the beginning. Android poker传奇sf is no different.

Why do poker sites do it? Attracting new players is big business and the sites don’t mind tossing a little extra value to players signing up for the first time.

PokerListings was one of the first major sites to score exclusive online poker bonus offers that go beyond what’s available on the home page of each poker site.

Think of us as the Expedia of poker when it comes to online poker bonuses and we have lots available for people who want to play real-money poker on an Android phone or tablet.

Can I Play Poker on My Samsung Galaxy?

Yep. Almost all online poker software is compatible with the Galaxy line-up although you may have some issues with oldest Galaxy phones. Samsung phones are a good option for playing online poker in general.

What About LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony Etc.?

Most of the major Android mobile device manufacturers can easily run online poker software传奇sf. As a general rule you’re going to need Android 2.3 and higher and screen resolution of at least 800x480. You should always check with the site to see if its Android poker app is compatible with your device before downloading.

Will I Use All My Data Playing Online Poker?


Be sure to check your usage but online poker isn’t particularly intense as far as cell phone data goes.

One hour of play translates to roughly 1mb of data, which is not very much all things considered.

However whenever possible you should try and play on Wi-Fi. It’s a faster connection and you won’t be using any of your data.

Keep that in mind if you’re playing from your couch or a coffee shop where there’s free Internet.

What About Android Tablets?

Android-based tablets work even better for online poker传奇sf since you’re generally dealing with more screen real estate and a faster processor. For Android poker it’s actually the same exact client just stretched out to fit the screen so you’ll have a lot more space.

If you want to attempt multi-tabling in a mobile environment, an Android tablet is a much more manageable way to do it.

What i“Fast Fold Poker?

Most online poker sites have some sort of “Fast Fold” poker variant, which is a special kind of poker where whenever you fold you instantly get a new hand at a new table.

android phone color 2

传奇sfIt works particularly well for Android poker as it allows you to play one table with very little downtime.

传奇sfIt even lets you play quite a few more poker hands than you’d normally play because you won’t spend any time waiting for a hand to play out that doesn’t involve you.

How Do I Start Playing Android Poker?

Getting started playing real-money (or play money) Android poker is actually incredibly easy. Basically, you just have to use one of the links in the toplist above to the online poker site of your choice.

That will take you to the poker room's official website and then to Google Play store where you can directly download the software right to your Android device.

With some Android poker apps you’ll be able to get into the play-money games right away. On some sites you might need to sign up for an account, which takes less than five minutes.

How Do I Deposit Money for Playing Poker on Android?

传奇sfThis will vary a bit depending on the gaming laws in your country. Usually it’s a matter of pulling out your credit card or using a payment processor like Skrill, Ukash, EntroPay or even a wire transfer in some cases.

Localized Android poker apps like Lotos Poker in Russia will also have a lot more local deposit options.

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What’s “In-Browser” Poker?

There are some sites that actually aren’t offered through the Google Play store. Instead they are available entirely “in-browser” – meaning just in your Internet browser.

In-browser or No Download poker传奇sf has its pros and cons. On the plus side you’ll never have to download any software. It will also run on almost every device and it’s a seamless transition from device-to-device.

传奇sfOn the downside it usually lacks some of the features of the downloadable Android poker app and is generally considered to be a bit less secure. It can be worth it to check it out, however, as there are usually worse players and bigger bonuses than at sites with downloadable versions.

What’s the Best Android Poker App?

传奇sfThis question becomes somewhat subjective when you get to the elite Android poker sites. Generally every site has a strong point whether it’s amazing software, lots of different games, tons of players, soft (bad) players or tons of promotions.

We suggest carefully reading our reviews and then deciding what exactly you’re looking for in an Android poker app.

传奇sfIf you simply want to play where the biggest player base is located then your decision is easy. On the other hand you might want to check out a lesser-known site that is renowned for having bad players so you can win a bit more money.

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Real Money Mobile Poker Apps in the USA?

Live in New Jersey? Try the PokerStars NJ Android App and get $30 free! Another very good mobile poker app for real-money is provided by BetOnline Poker, which does currently accept US players although it is unregulated in the USA.

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