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14 Highly Questionable Poker-Themed Tattoos

We love poker. We truly do. Tattoos ... meh. We've seen some nice ones over the years but truth be told we've never been so keen on a virtual date stamp that says "hey, remember what you kind of were really into in 1996?"

传奇sfPoker tattoos are a pretty ballsy decision. It's a great game, for sure, but who knows how you're going to feel about it 10 years from now when you can't beat 1c/2c online.

Here are some poker lovers who clearly aren't concerned about that.

14 Suspect Poker Tattoos

Note: This is all in good fun. We like your tattoos, really. Also if any of these photos are yours and you'd like us to take them down, please let us know.

worsttattoos15 1

传奇sfPretty much the gold standard for questionable tattoos of all varieties. We wish him the best of luck at the MSOP though.


It's not the letters you get in the alphabet, it's how you put them together too.


传奇sfWould have had a royal if it wasn't for that suitless 10 in the deck.


Just a guy with a baby flush, a short stack and some wonky, trapezoid dice against the world.


Is there a hotter set of hole cards in the deck than the 4♠ 9♠? Yes. Yes there is.


Hotter than the 4♠ 9♠, but not by much really.


Lesson here is clearly watch out for tiny skeleton hands stealing your bumpy, flaming aces.


It's nice to see a completed royal, finally. Shame it only scooped $650 though.


Pay that man his $164. (Does anybody get paid off with a royal anymore?)


Seems like the right place to find a deck with a "17 of black diamonds" in it, we guess.


You smell that? I think it's that guy's weak Ace.


传奇sfThe great thing about the joker-completed Broadway straight is there are only 300 or so combinations that beat you.


传奇sfThe king is dead, long live the king.


This one's actually pretty awesome.

james mathew
2014-05-01 06:14:07

real poker lover

传奇sfComment on that

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